Eveo – Capgemini Recommendations

“I’ve had the pleasure of working with Tom as a Tech Executive thru several entities. From the onset he was quick to invite my design team to the ideation of cutting-edge solutions. His approach created a space where Creativity and Technology could focus on what was next rather than what has been done. Later as I moved to operations, he was a great partner in crafting solutions with the right Tech and Design teams in mind.”
December 6, 2022, Erik Beadle, Creative Operations Practice Staffing Partner at Eveo and Capgemini

“Tom is a great Technologist, Architect and Strategist. He has a unique ability to examine a problem space from the macro level to the micro level at the same time, as well as a polished approach to explaining technical details to business stakeholders and business requirements to deep in the weeds technologists. One of the few that truly understands both business and technical perspectives.
December 6, 2022, John Allen, Principal Architect at Eveo and Capgemini

“Tom was my direct report at EVEO for 4 years and then continuing for 4 more years at Capgemini. His experienced perspective strikes the perfect balance between supporting employee and team efforts and remaining in a supervisory role. He always quickly and efficient in headed off any potential crisis’ in the department as well as on projects. Working with and for him was a very productive and enjoyable experience.”
October 28, 2022, JA Nelson, Senior Front End Engineer at Eveo and Capgemini

Organic Recommendations

“Tom and I worked together for several years, taking on some of the most challenging projects for our company’s largest clients. We worked closely to encourage our broader teams to work together in a collaborative fashion, working through issues and enabling our teams to grow and develop in a healthy environment.

Tom and I partnered on multiple task forces for the leadership team to work towards improved agency communication, collaboration and culture. I was constantly inspired by the initiative he took to build a fun agency culture and support his fellow colleagues.

He has a HUGE heart and endears himself to his teams and his clients. And, he throws awesome and legendary parties. I look forward to working with Tom again”
March 16, 2013,  Lisa Yamamura, Client Services and Program Management Lead at Organic

“Tom is a great leader who commands the rare talent of building culture without being too cheesy or forced. He has an amazingly cool demeanor even in hairy situations; perhaps due to his extensive industry experience but also his engineer’s mind that could analyze a problem and break it down into digestible, address chunks. At Organic, Tom was as supportive of my extra-curricular activities (running meetups and attending hackathons) as he was of my efforts that mapped directly against corporate-established goals. I’d gladly work with him again!”
November 14, 2012, Jordan Gray, Technology Manager at Organic

“Working directly under Tom has been a pleasure and a valuable experience. His persistently calm style and pragmatic, solutions-oriented approach has been a great example to myself personally, and to the office as a whole. He is a great leader, inspiring confidence and camaraderie in his team; understanding and utilizing core strengths of team-members while encouraging and facilitating their growth. I have great respect for Tom, and I hope to have the pleasure of working with him again.”
October 12, 2012, Clayton Gibb, Director, Technology at Organic

“Apart from managing building top-notch brand sites and online customer experiences Tom has a broad knowledge and appreciation of the interactions the Technology team has with other teams within an Advertising agency, i.e. Marketing Intelligence, Creative and Media, each with its own dynamics and requirements as they relate to Technology. Tom is a pleasure to work with. Well respected by both clients and subordinates.”
September 13, 2012,  Katia Dimitrova Sausys, Group Director, Analytics at Organic

“I worked with Tom for a number of years at Organic. I greatly respected him for his ability to shelter his team from internal politics and allow us to focus on doing our jobs. As a leader Tom has a generally relaxed and supportive style. He encourages his team members to grow in both their technical skills and leadership abilities. I look forward to having the opportunity to work with Tom again in the future.”
September 11, 2012 | Dale Gillespie, Director, Technology, Organic |  reported to Tom at Organic

“Tom and I worked together for several years. He is both an excellent technologist and also knows how to recruit and retain a great team, something that you don’t often find. Tom’s technology expertise covers the entire digital ecosystem and he is very adept at integrating technology with creative and strategy. Tom was responsible for leading several very innovative projects for top clients and did so very effectively.”
September 10, 2012 | Bill Camp, SVP General Manager, Organic | managed Tom at Organic

“Over the last three years Tom and I have worked together on a wide variety of projects, and on every engagement he brought his unique ability of being the unifying voice that aligned the technical, creative, and account teams. Tom’s industry experience also comes through as a creative problem solver, regardless of whether it is a technical, client or financial challenge”
September 6, 2012 | Nathan Rogers, Executive Producer, Pyramid Consulting, Inc. | was a consultant or contractor to Tom at Organic

“Tom is a brilliant technologist that gives it to you straight and makes it happen. More importantly he’s a team builder and a great guy with real values. Tom is undoubtedly an asset to any team he joins.”
September 6, 2012 | Ofir Ejnes, CEO, Pyramid Consulting, Inc. | was with another company when working with Tom at Organic

“Intelligent and engaged are a couple of the words that come to mind when thinking about Tom. I had the fortune to work with Tom as a direct report as well as a team member.
Tom is a great leader and motivator. Seeing his team through numerous complex projects, with an eye firmly on delivering excellence. He is also dedicated to the process, and could usually be found right there with the team no matter the hour.
He inspired me with his ability to keep track of all the moving parts of a project while keeping the client needs firmly in the foreground. No small task when one considers the number and complexity of some of those projects with diverse, geographically separated teams.
I have no hesitation recommending Tom as both a boss and a teammate. It would be a pleasure to work with him again.”
June 6, 2012 | Margaret Beck, Senior Interactive Developer, Technology, Organic | reported to Tom at Organic

“I worked with Tom on numerous projects at Organic, all of which resulted in great success. Tom was the cornerstone to our ability to deliver on what we promised. He ensured that the front-end functionality and back-end solutions were achievable, and that the solution would integrate with the client’s technical environment. He is a true leader, dedicated to the success of his team and clients, a creative thinker, a mediocre fencer, and works hard to bring about the best possible outcomes. I would highly recommend Tom.”
October 29, 2010 | Donald Blanchard, Group Director, Engagement Management, Organic | worked with Tom at Organic

“I have a great respect for Tom’s leadership skills as well as his technical ability. Tom can always be counted on to have a cool calm reassuring demeanor when the most stressful of days occur while providing technical suggestions to get us out of the situation. Tom is the best manager I have worked under in my career. I hope I get the opportunity to work with Tom again.”
March 22, 2008 | Cris LeMaster, Director of Engineering, Organic Inc. | managed Tom at Organic

“It’s no exaggeration to say that Tom played a critical role in revitalizing the Organic engineering department, and thus – indirectly – Organic San Francisco as a whole. As a core member of the SF engineering team, I experienced how his leadership shaped our morale and team ethos for the better in numerous ways.
Tom embodies an interesting combination of traits which make him a very effective leader. One word that comes to mind is “understated.” He’s a very intelligent man yet communicates clearly and simply without
intellectualizing things. He manages to assert himself effectively without the usual devices of speaking loudly or being over-assertive. Because of these qualities, he’s very easy-going and personable, enjoyable to engage in conversation, and extremely reliable to address team issues and goals with a notably constructive and solutions-oriented approach.
His knowledge of the web “space” is impressive and he can always be counted on to offer a thoughtful opinion on web trends, best practices, technologies, and development methodologies. I would certainly count myself lucky to have Tom as my boss again someday.”
June 4, 2007 | Paul Craddick, Senior Interface Engineer, Organic | reported to Tom at Organic

“Never have I had the opportunity to see an IT director work up close – and in walks Tom Tully. He committed himself immediately to turning around the IT department at Organic while juggling multiple (I lost count) projects with attitude and skills we all could learn from. Tom is able to handle the most difficult client and walk away with a smile, keeping perspective solid. I get to say, ‘I was there when…’ Tom took front and directed one of the most incredibly challenging projects at Organic to a successful scheduled launch – followed by much fanfare by the client and Organic. It was a pleasure being onboard.”
October 12, 2006 | Shina Sebring, Database Engineer/Consultant, Organic, Inc. |reported to Tom at Organic

Digitas Recommendations

“Tom was the chief architect on two successive CRM platforms we built through his firm. His deep experience, vision, and genuine customer care made working with him a pleasure—and the project outcomes highly successful. With his incisive analytical mind tempered by a warm personal style, he’s the kind of terrific technology leader everyone would want heading up their most important projects.”
May 1, 2006 | Richard Mattson, Client | Microsoft

“Tom was important to the growth of our company in many ways — as a leader, as a skilled technologist, and as a cultural touchstone for many people. He could help many other companies as they grow and scale with his experience, wisdom, and generous personality.”
April 19, 2006 | David Kenny,  CEO Digitas

“Tom’s a straight shooter, providing an alternative perspective on situations borne out of years of experience; he has an innate ability to read people. One of his primary strengths is in partnering with internal and external clients, forging trusted and long-term relationships. It would be a pleasure to work with Tom again.”
April 16, 2006 | Lori Hatakeyama, Sr. Associate, Delivery Management, Modem Media

“I worked closely with Tom on several large client engagements and was always impressed at the way he proactively brought a range of technology solutions to the table. Being in a client service role and having Tom as a partner allowed me to know that the client’s best interests were being met. Not to mention, with Tom’s oversight, I always knew that the effort would be on-track and managed well.
March 31, 2006 | Kristian Paul Schwartz, Senior Account Manager |  Digitas

“Tom brings a wealth of technical knowledge combined with a refined understanding of customers to his work. He approaches the most complex web projects with pragmatism, order, and common sense. Tom is warm, personable and a straight shooter, his personal integrity and commitment to quality is enormous.”
March 30, 2006 | John Foley, VP Director Marketing |  Modem Media (Digitas)

“Tom has the rare talent to repeatedly bring projects and clients in, get the job done on time, keep clients delighted and coming back with more work. Tom brings a creative approach to everything he does. He helps his team design elegant solutions to often complex problems and makes it all seem easy. As a manager, Tom fosters the kind of workplace that we all want to work in.”
April 23, 2006 | Matthew Fleischman , VP, Engineering, Ninth House | Reported to Tom

“Tom is a smart, innovative, forward thinker for whom I’ve had the pleasure to work. I hope to work with him again. Initially, I reported directly to Tom. He is a great advocate for those below him. He leads by example and thanks to his guidance, I’ve been able to grow professionally. Tom architected and managed the development of highly adaptable custom CMSs for our clients.”
April 2, 2006 | Loïc Kreitmann, Sr. Software Engineer | Digitas  | Reported to Tom

“As my manager and head of the technology department, Tom was adept at managing his own projects and the many, often political issues requiring his attention on my projects. His technical expertise, enthusiasm, and down-to-earth style made him a great leader for our group. He has just the right mixture of toughness and diplomacy you need at a senior level. The best manager I had at Digitas.”
April 3, 2006 | Hazel Elgart , Tech Manager | Digitas  | Reported to Tom

“Tom combines incredible technical expertise with an ability to communicate and inspire; a rare talent that is absolutely critical for a technical leadership position; was responsible for laying the foundation for some of our highest revenue generating products. His leadership and accomplishments are highly valued, respected, and appreciated to this day; highly skilled and intuitive; a true friend.”
March 30, 2006 | Robert Murhamer, QA Director | Digitas | Worked indirectly for Tom

“I have had the pleasure of working with Tom for roughly 5 years. His dedication and commitment to developing world class websites is second to none. Tom consistently focuses his work on ensuring that the business needs of his clients are top of mind. He is also the quintessential team player.
April 21, 2006 | Mike Norris | VP/Director Strategy | Digitas

“Tom and I worked closely together on several very successful web projects for Microsoft. He possesses impressive technical skills and performs extremely well under tight deadlines. He is a highly skilled Manager and was very well liked by his entire team. I would welcome the chance to work with him again.”
April 13, 2006 | Ed Buchsbaum, Sr. Software Engineer | Digitas |  Reported to Tom

“Tom managed some very challenging situations adeptly. He is highly capable, both in terms of his technology abilities and his communication skills.”
March 30, 2006 | Otto Krusius, Manager, Marketing Strategy & Enablement, Modem Media

“I reported to Tom for roughly 5 years. He won “Heart of the Company” for one of those years and for good reason. He has an amazing ability to keep his team and direct reports happy during stressful projects.”
March 31, 2006 | Michael Makunas, Principal Software Engineer, Digitas | Reported to Tom

“Tom was a tremendous manager and office leader. I learned a great deal from him regarding building strong cohesive teams, handling difficult timelines and always keeping a positive outlook. It would be a pleasure to work with Tom in the future.”
April 7, 2006 | Brian O’Connor, Associate Director, Technology, Digitas | Reported to Tom

“Tom was one of the best technical architects/directors I have worked with. He is able to work under the most trying client engagements to get the job done right with the best quality. If given the chance I would work work with Tom again in a second.”
March 31, 2006 | Rob Morgan,  Manager, Project Management | Digitas

“Tom is one of the smartest people I know. His knowledge of every aspect of technology development is amazing and, to cap it all, he’s a stand-up great bloke. Fun and funny. He’s terrific at working with clients and everybody who works with him comes away impressed and having enjoyed the experience.”
March 30, 2006 | Robert Sandler, PMP,   Associate Director, Project Management, Digitas