Client Portfolio


Pre-seed startup using AI models to support persons looking for career consulting.  Everleap uses multiple personality tests, skill assessements, and scraping online profiles to derive a link between personnlaity types. desires, and career movements. The technology stack includes Microsoft Axure Cloud, Cognitive Services, Co-Pilot, Power Virtual Agents, Power Automate, Power BO, and OpenAI 4.0.


Pre-seed startup. Working with several executives and health care leaders to create a peer to peer network supporting persons with mental health, a focus on depression and anxiety. Microsoft Axure Cloud, Cognitive Services, Co-Pilot, Power Virtual Agents, Power Automate, Power BO, and OpenAI 4.0.


Our engagement with Genentech was as an Agency of Record, assisting with several programs promoting Genentech products and offerings. We designed various digital properties around their websites, HCP sales programs, and strategies, business, creative, and technological, We were engaged in all regulatory processes required to get our products into market. One such engagement was a first of kind HCP AI conversational interface that engaged with HCP in the bio-oncological space, helping them to understand some of the nuances for certain disease states, and locating conference of subject matter interest for registration. For this later program we used IBM Watson Conversation and various IBM cloud platforms.

Crédit Agricole

Pilot program to build a multi lingual voice activated bot (English and French) to support customer online banking. The bot was built atop CLINC NLP technology. Money transfers, online banking, and financial forecasting and recommendations.GSK

Long term partner with GSK building digital properties, from Website design and architecture to AI conversational interfaces to support brand products using voice

Discount Tire

Client technology work included a full technology assessment to support a parallel track of functional prototypes interfacing with existing backend APIs. Interacted with the CTO, CIO, and IT Management to build out roadmaps to deploy Idea designs in market.


Global Retail Agency of Record. Work includes POS, Display, Digital and Mobile.  Responsive design, creation of media assets customizable by merchants across 22 languages. Technology: Strategy, HTML, HTML5, JS, CSS, XML, Flash

Site: International Assets with merchants

Constellation Brands

Designed and developed a Facebook/mobile marketing campaign called  Pass the bottle. The application matched users Facebook friends wall content  with wine varietals, creating a viral campaign including in store discounts and sweepstakes entry. Mobile centric design (non native for lower bar of entry),  Technology: Strategy, MySql, Facebook Graph API, HTML, JS, CSS



Full redesign of Associate “MyWalmart” portal,  Wal-Mart 50th Anniversary, seasonal marketing promotions for .com, and iPad design. Work based on Wal-Mart proprietary platform (CAP), EKTRON, and internal IT security platforms.

Site: Walmart internal only

Hilton Worldwide

Worldwide redesign of the Hilton Corporate web presence timed with IPO offerings, with internationalization across 12 countries. Our Detroit office also redesigned all brand sites, Embassy Suites and Hilton Honors. Global work includes Booking Engine, Search, Online Advertising, Web Development, and Mobile development


Bank of America

Work across multiple digital engagement points. Design and production of new digital properties related to Countrywide merger. The Home Loan Guide was targeted to new home owners and mortgage owners in distress. Additional major work focusing on teen to young adult market and the creations of The Morris Code and Morris on Campus, an award winning interactive video  to teach young adults how to manage their money.. Technology: Strategy, CMS (Magnolia), HTML, CSS, JS, Flash, MySQL, hosting management

Site (altered since launch):

Dignity Health

Audit of the existing ecosystem of Dignity Health digital properties (large hospitals such as St. Josephs and small boutique health clinics).  This included a content audit of all properties and a technical audit of existing platforms. Recommendations for more efficient user experiences and technical direction was provided. Technology: Stake Holder interviews, digital ecosystem, features and functionality matrix (FFM) / prioritization, critiques of existing technical platforms

Site: Technology strategy only

Juniper Networks

Total creative and technical redesign of Juniper Networks online presence, design and development of Interwoven/Teamsite based tech stack, workflow, and deployment


McKesson / Health Mart

Technology strategy project auditing all aspects of Health Mart digital properties, and the definition of a future UX and technology roadmap

Site: Technology strategy only


Web Development for new digital offerings, Online Advertising, Social media integration

Site: Strategy and assets only


Retail Agency of Record. Design and development of digital assets.

Site: Digital assets only

Fox Business Network

New digital presence for new cable channel (Fox Business). Design, build and integration of all presentation layer content with FOX in-house CMS platform (Bedrock)


Mitsubishi Motors

Total redesign of company website and related digital marketing assets. Websphere based tech stack, MS SQL Server.


Roots of Peace

Redesign of company online digital presence including website, marketing, and offline print assets. ROP is now a 300+ person operation across 5 countries and the largest MGO in Afghanistan today. I sit on the Board of Directors for ROP



Variety of projects ranging from online game marketing campaigns and landing pages to Play asset creation.

Site: No longer live